The Cream & Sugar

At Brandesso, we believe in stepping outside of the bag. We are not afraid to go against or challenge the norms of branding – for we have found the most satisfaction by being bold and daring. Coffee runs in our bloodstreams, with espresso constantly keeping our creative juices flowing.  We craft only the finest stories and designs to help your brand make meaningful connections with wider audiences. Using the fullest, most wholesome ingredients, we strive to energize the growth of your business. With passion and determination to create, we are constantly roasting up bold yet sugary sweet, innovative strategies that will leave a lasting impressions on your brand.

Branding Aficionados

Hailing from Sunny San Diego, we are a team of foodies, adventurers, and creatives that believe in sugar, spice, and everything.. fine! Fine dining, fine living, and of course, fine coffee! Behind every successful creative is a substantial amount of coffee. A typical day consists of either sipping coffee in a mug while watching social media webinars, drinking a latte in a to-go cup while exploring San Diego, meeting up with clients, or sitting down at a coffee shop, savoring an espresso while getting our grind on. In the black and white world of marketing, we aim to bring technicolor to all our projects. We are risk-takers, sometimes trouble-makers, that love to push the rules to create memorable, brand experiences. We are branding nerds who love to have fun by staying on top of advertising trends, constantly implementing new techniques that erupt in this ever evolving digital age.  Grab a cup of coffee and join our empire.

Meet the Team & Strategic Partnerships

Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham

CEO & Creative Director

Never underestimate the power of coffee and a woman with a vision of intention.
It all started with an espresso machine and a dream. Coffee breaks are essential for sharing creative ideas and inspiration, discussing trends and news, spending quality time in good company, and of course, enjoying the delicious flavors and aromas of coffee. To Ashley Graham, coffee is more than a drink – it is a lifestyle.
Ashley Graham is the founder and creative director of Brandesso, a modern-day branding and marketing agency that infuses brand authority through caffeinated strategies and communications. To Brandesso, every brand has a unique story. Their creative process is to filter the raw, unique details of a brand and incorporate a well rounded methodology and strategy that brews the brand to stand out in their industry as an authoritative figure.
Within the competitive landscape of agencies around the world, Ashley’s goal for Brandesso is to rise to the top in facilitating business operations and maintaining client relationships. Brandesso is on a mission to be the leading example of breaking the disconnect and cycle of the cut-throat agency dynamic; to create a more holistic and cohesive approach to client relationships and internal culture, to increase client/employee retention and longevity.
Known as a “Jill of all trades”, Ashley Graham is a serial entrepreneur who channels her passions, talents, and personal values to make a difference in the creative space. Pioneering the belief of building personal brands, Ashley is on a mission to launch a series of new content streams across social media to increase awareness with her brands. You can follow along on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and more.
Ashley Graham is the epitome of a girl boss, defying expectations and trumping the negativity that tries to hinder her from achieving her dreams. You can find Ashley driving around in her convertible Fiat sipping on coffee made from love with her Nespresso machine, heading to client meetings, influencer events, or frolicking to a new bar or restaurant. Ashley owes her inspiration for success to her transparent personality, long car or plane rides, and books by authors who win at life.
Studio Luniste: Enrique Siliezar & Charlene Siliezar

Studio Luniste: Enrique Siliezar & Charlene Siliezar

A photo + film duo, bridging connections with their clients to their audience with beautiful visual imagery and video



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