A Reflection at Brandesso

My internship with Brandesso is coming to an end and I will be leaving the nest and into the real world with confidence and excitement. It has been a unique and intimate internship experience filled with laughs, discussions and high-fives. As I look back at the countless cups of coffee and the caffeinated but insightful conversations on branding, I only remember the good times and I wanted to reflect on my experience and all the things I learned.

First and foremost, I want to thank branding guru and my mentor Ashley for bringing me in as an intern, teaching me the simple art of brand development, and the power of coffee. I was lucky enough to have developed a mentor relationship with one of my supervisors at an early stage of my career because I was given invaluable advice that I will carry on for the better part of my professional life. Ashley gave me insight through her past successes and failures – raw experiences.

We worked on several projects involving Brandesso, Coffee & Commerce, and a shared business idea. Every work day was a grind session from revising copy for the Brandesso website, to writing quality blog posts, to figuring out how the heck S.E.O actually works. Ashley even brought me in on one of her client meetings where we proposed a refined S.E.O strategy to boost their ecommerce presence. We ended up increasing their traffic by 100% and left them with a guide on how to implement and maintain best S.E.O practices. I truly felt that I was contributing work to Brandesso and understood the satisfaction of getting positive results from hard work. When there was no projects to be worked on, we would brainstorm and fantasize about our dream coffee shop and co-working space idea.

It was unique because my relationship with my mentor was a cooperative one. I learned a lot from her and she learned a lot from me. She taught me the creative aspects of branding such as the best practices for content curation, social media marketing, and website design while I taught her all the nitty gritty things such as website analytics and data analysis. There were days where I was brought in to help out with the business development side like drafting up proposals for new clients and how to negotiate pricing. My internship working for Ashley and Brandesso has affirmed my desire to work at a agency environment.

There were days filled with projects and busy work, there were days filled low morale and not much work to do, and there were days filled with stories and deep conversations about life. But one thing was constant, I was always happy to come into to work.

Thank you Ashley and Brandesso for teaching me so much about branding and for sharing with me, the ups and downs of working in a marketing and advertising agency.   But most of all, thank you for showing me the true value of persistence, optimism, and entrepreneurism.

Written By: Nathan Yick (Summer – Fall 2018 Internship)