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Totally Caffeinated!

We enhanced an established brand to extract the hidden sweetness of the brand for a more bold, invigorated story and appeal.

Our Brewing Process

the beginning.
the solution.
the results.


brand storytelling.
brand strategy.
brand management.

Our Brewing Process.

follow the branding drip, add the cream & sugar, then sip & savor

the beginning.

Grater Grilled Cheese is Southern California’s destination for a chef-inspired twist to the grilled cheese sandwich. Originally with three (3) locations in San Diego, Grater Grilled Cheese has expanded into two (2) additional locations in Irvine and Huntington Beach, with predictions to continue expanding.

the solution.

As storytellers, our goal for Grater Grilled Cheese was to hone in on the deeper “roast” of the brand, by enhancing the look/appeal of their imagery, tone/messaging across all branding channels, the lifestyle and orientation of the brand, as well as the longevity of the business.

the results.

By targeting the right story appeal for the messaging of the brand, we were able to capture the appropriate audience. By applying the best practices for pr/media and influencer outreach, we were able to leverage community engagement across all digital platforms including the website, social media, etc.


brand storytelling.

the solution.

Brand storytelling is about building a connection and loyalty with the audience. Given the longevity of the business, our goal was to enhance the lifestyle and orientation of the brand, the tone and messaging that elicits emotions with the audience, along with the visual imagery, and how each aspect connects with the targeted audience of the brand by going beyond the product/service.

What Elicits Emotions

Food is the way to our hearts. When building out the brand story for Grater Grilled Cheese across all digital platforms, we had to focus on the most important part: showcasing the food! All photos across the website, social media, etc., accentuates the melty, cheesiness of the brand.

All photos within this case study are credited to the number of talented and creative influencers we have collaborated with for the brand awareness of Grater Grilled Cheese.


Community Recognition & Awareness

We wanted to place an emphasis on the amount of community recognition and online exposure the brand has secured over the years to highlight the successful and consistent growth of the brand.



Customer Experience

As this brand is a B2C brand/business, we aimed to translate the customer experience through all digital platforms, including the website, to mention the positive experiences the customer has when walking through the door. This captures the essence of what the brand boasts, to entice future new-customer experiences.

brand strategy.

the solution.

Brand strategy is not just in the story. It is also how you effectively manage the engagement a brand receives, as well as reputation management with not only the customer, but also how your brand is perceived in the eyes of others.

Media Relations & Reputation Management

Our goal for our brand strategy efforts, is to increase the awareness the brand receives by connecting the brand with the media and influencers who target the brands ideal audience to receive the most impact, as well as communicating and engaging with the online community of the business.

Digital Customer Experience

During the re-design phase of the website, our goal was to make the user experience simple. Throughout the website, we focused on the following aspects:

  • Call-to-Actions
  • History & Story
  • Quality of Product
  • Benefits to the Customer
  • Brand & Community Awareness
  • Social Engagement & How to Connect:
  • Where to Locate/Visit
  • How to Contact

This created an easy way for the audience to engage with the brand through the website, while also obtaining the information needed to experience the brand for themselves.



brand management.

the solution.

Once the brand story and strategy was completed, the management was simple. All imagery for social media correlated with the Grater Grilled Cheese’s story and aesthetic, showcasing the quality of the food, how the customers connect and engage with the brand, community awareness, and much more. All the key essential “ingredients” for building the best online presence for the brand.

caffeinated stats.

the results.

By infusing brand authority across all messaging, we were able to increase results on all pr/media efforts, as well as through social media platforms. Our efforts with Grater Grilled Cheese are predicted to continue increasing in positive results.


Social Media Engagement Increase

Media Hits

Unique Monthly Pageviews

“Brandesso has been a great asset to our company and is an all around partner. Brandesso is definitely an important part of our success.”

Owner, Grater Grilled Cheese


Infusing Brand Authority through Caffeinated Strategies & Communications

With an extra shot of espresso!