Watch out, Snapchat! Instagram is changing the game with their new Stories feature. Released last Fall, everyone has grown to love this feature. From everyday users to top influencers, Stories are fun, quick way to share photos without spamming your followers. Unlike SnapChat, Instagram stories carry a more polished structure, with the enhancement of stickers and special filters. Businesses are starting to use Stories to promote their product and services. Stories are a fun, innovative way to express your brand! Here are some ways your company can take advantage of Stories:

Get to Know You

With Stories, you can share behind the scenes footage with your followers. Show them around the office or introduce different team members. Maybe even try going Live! You can feature raw content that allow your followers to get to know your brand in an even more personal level! With Stories and Live, you can express the most authentic image of your brand.


Releasing a new project or working on something exciting? Give your followers a peek into what you are currently creating! Snap videos of the creative process whether you’re presenting prototypes of a new product or showing off some of your skills. Teasers will keep your audience excited for what’s to come.

Give them the Vote

Stories have the option where you can share a poll for others to vote in. Get the opinions of your followers! Pose a question through Instagram stories and get your audience engaged.

Swipe Up

Have content you want your followers to check out? With the Swipe up feature in Stories, you can posts link for others to check out! Although this feature is only available to verified users, clickable links can still be included in your stories.


Instagram is currently playing with the idea to feature full-screen advertisements as transitions between Stories. With the use of Instagram and Facebook analytics, businesses can reach certain target audiences to watch the Stories advertisement.

Does your brand use Instagram stories? Are Stories here to stay? Tell us what you think in the comments below!