As WordPress designers, we take pride in branding websites for our clients and value the time spent doing so. The creative process for successful branded websites goes through a variation of filters and changes, which can increase the “brewing” time. Although a great looking website makes a difference in the overall appeal of a business or brand, the usability and operation of a website ultimately determines the full functionality of the site. 

Once a website goes live, there is a level of maintenance and security updates the site needs to operate to it’s full potential. As time is always of the essence, we have discovered an energized tool that will perform all of the necessary updates needed to keep the website secure and maintained, and get you moving onto the next!

WordPress Site Dr.
“A WordPress Maintenance and Security Service”

Our friends over at
Press Wizards have developed a new tool to keep your WordPress website updated, secured, backed up, and fully optimized. This comprehensive tool takes the mystery and blind work out of updates, providing you a fast and simple solution to WordPress maintenance and security.

Daily Care with free Hack Repair

Never worry about the maintenance and security of your website again. For a low monthly fee, WordPress Site Dr. will update your site regularly, implementing the best security practices, with daily malware and site blacklist scans.

Monthly Site Health Reports

WordPress Site Dr. emails out a personalized monthly report in PDF format with a summary of your website updates, optimizations, backups, analytics, SEO keyword rankings, as well as the security and performance scan results.

24/7 Triple-Layer Security Protection

Hackers and their bots can attack 24/7, and cause non-stop issues. WordPress Site Dr. harden’s security, and perform daily malware, code vulnerability, and blacklist scans. If any problems are found, WordPress Site Dr. is alerted to perform hack repair and malware cleanout for you for free. Enjoy peace of mind and review the security summary in your unique monthly health report.

Daily Offsite Backups 

WordPress Site Dr. does daily backups of both the database and site files, so your site is always protected from hacked or malware damage, e-commerce is protected against data loss or hosting issues — never rely on your host’s backups! Summaries of the snapshots are in your monthly health report.

Performance Reporting

Slow sites will get you penalized by Google, and affect visitor conversion. WordPress Site Dr. does weekly scans to make sure your site is performing well, and include page speed scores, analytics, and uptime summaries in your personalized monthly health report.

SEO Keyword Rankings

SEO rank is one of the largest goals for businesses to thrive online. WordPress Site Dr. assists you in keeping track of how your keyword rankings change, finds out how competitors rank, and how you stack up against their keywords in the monthly website health report.

WordPress Core, Plugins & Theme Updates

WordPress Site Dr. keeps WordPress plugins and themes updated regularly to stay ahead of security vulnerabilities, and ensure bugs are fixed right away. WordPress Site Dr. summarizes all updates in your personalized monthly site health report.

To view the plans they offer, visit the website here:

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— The Brandesso Team
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